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Michael Kamleitner
CEO at &

Is "going viral" something SaaS companies should aim for? With all the competition, is ther a way to differentiate on social media at all? I spoke with my friend Michael Kamleitner, founder of and, to learn more about this.

David Darmanin
CEO at HotJar

This month David tells me how having customer success as first hire shaped the way they grew Hotjar and why he feels that most founders focus too much on optimizing while missing the bigger opportunity.

Patrick Campbell
CEO at Price Intelligently

Listen to the podcast with Patrick to get some unusual insights on how to approach hiring. As to be expected from a pricing expert, he also shares some easy to implement tips on how you can get better at your pricing and grow your SaaS business.

Steli Efti
CEO at

In my talk with Steli we find out what insights on their target market allowed them to grow fast with a small team and how hiring too late to grow that team ended up costing millions of dollars.

Moritz Plassnig
CEO at Codeship

After Codeship was acquired by Cloudbees, I had a chat with Moritz about how they got there. Learn about his tactics to make sure negative feedback doesn't get you off balance, and how looking at the bigger picture made them pursue the acquisition that just took place.

Sid Sijbrandij
CEO at GitLab

In our first interview we discuss the untypical start of GitLab as an open source project and how the early focus on enterprise customers made the company to the success it is today.


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